0:04 - Thursday, 24 April 2014

Access External IP During VPN Connection

We are connecting a server to our network via VPN (Client-Gateway).

Is it possible to maintain the external IP address while the VPN is connected? Of course once we connect via VPN, the server stop responding to the external IP address and only responds to the internal IP.

For example:
Our Original IP:
We would like to be able to still connect to Is this possible, even with multiple IP addresses assigned to the server?

The purpose is that this server is a webserver, but will also need internal network access. The location of this server is external and we can only connect via the windows vpn set-up at t

Our Environment: Windows 2008

Not sure about your network topology so I’ll answer for the scenario as I understood it from your question

The Server (windows 2008) has a public IP (or is mapped to it), dials a VPN connection to your network and then gets an IP You from your network want to access the server on a public IP but can’t.

The problem is probable that the server has the vpn connection as the default gateway (so all traffic gets sent from a private IP, with no NAT to public address, which then creates a problem because you get answered by the private IP to a request that should be answered from a public ip.

In this case you need to remove VPN connection as the default gateway or set up a static route for your network public IP on a server through the servers public interface.

Could you say exactly what kind of VPN are you talking about, a dial-up VPN (if it is, what kind of VPN and what client software) from the Windows server as i described, or is it a site-to-site VPN or a dialup VPN that gets initiated from you network to the Windows Server with IP