3:16 - Thursday, 17 April 2014

Change Default Browser Mode In Internet Explorer 9/10?

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How can I change the browser mode in IE9 permanently, like for example to IE7?

Currently, this change is only temporary and whenever you open a new window, you have to go to the developer mode to switch the settings again.

Clarification: “Windows 7 requires you to run IE9. But for work purposes some people still need to use IE7 or IE8. Developer Tools enables a person to use IE7 settings with in IE9. But for each window that is opened it seems that everytime one has to go in developer mode to switch Browser mode to IE7. The question is how does one achieve the settings that will allow the IE9 to open up in IE7 mode everytime the browser is fired up.”

I don’t think you can really affect the browser mode setting; this seems to be a developer debugging feature. If a user is running IE9, the browser mode will be IE9 or IE9 Compatibility View. You can affect the compatibility view setting by using the X-UA-Compatible tag or HTTP header (though, watch out for the Tools -> Compatibility View settings – > “Display Intranet sites in Compatibility View” setting).

In the Group Policy Editor, under Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Internet Explorer > Compatibility View, there’s a setting for “Turn off Compatibility View” that can be set to Enabled, which will leave the browser in IE9 mode permanently.

  • Developers can change Browser Mode through the “Browser Mode” menu in IE’s F12 Developer Tools. This setting only applies to the developer’s local machine. For example, developers can have IE9 emulate an IE7 browser, IE8 browser or IE9 in Compatibility View.

Select Browser Mode

  • Users can change Browser Mode by clicking on the Compatibility View (CV) button, which causes IE8 and IE9 to emulate the IE7 browser. This is why it’s important for site developers to test their site in the Compatibility View Browser Mode.
  • IE’s Compat View List can also change the Browser Mode for specific sites.

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