12:33 - Friday, 18 April 2014

Do All Pokemon B/W Wifi Features Work With WPA2?

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I’ve learned that original (and Lite) Nintendo DS systems do not support WPA/WPA2 Wifi encryption, but the newer hardware (DSi, 3DS) does.

I’ve also learned that this only applies to newer games, and that older games require WEP, even on newer systems.

Finally, I’ve learned that Pokemon Black and White do, nominally, support WPA2 encryption.

However, I’ve had a few sources tell me that this only applies to a subset of features, and to battle or trade over Nintendo WFC I’ll have to fall back to WEP.

Can someone either confirm that this is the case and tell me what I won’t be able to do over WPA2, or set me straight and confirm (via experience, please) that everything works over WPA2?

Sadly I don’t have a DSi or I’d puzzle this out myself, but this is a deciding factor in whether I get a 3DS at launch or not.


Just did a random matchup with someone in Japan on my new 3DS. Not sure what problems other people might be having, but the newer hardware seems to work fine with WPA2.

Will update if I actually have any issues.

AFAIK, there should be no problem using WPA2 with DSi (XL)/3DS. Since the WFC isn’t online yet, I haven’t been able to test properly, but it seems to connect properly.

i can help anyone that can set you up to connect to your wireless router on WPA2/WPA its not very hard seriously and its easy to do since i just bought the game last night and on 3rd gym and my wireless is WPA2/WPA ands its works Perfect if you need any suggestions how to get it DSi XL Folllow These Instructions below

  1. Go to your System Setting on your DS
  2. Go To Internet Type your Security password in
  3. click Connection then Go To your Advance Option you should see thing Called Wi-fi Protection Setup on your Nintendo DSi XL Click that (i know some regular access won’t be compatible because you have to set them up on your own from your Router)
    1. Click the Pin Number and Write the Number and just leave it on just right there for sec
    2. Now The Computer You need to go to your Wireless router Home Site like mine is like for example Belkin i would have to type router/ and enter to bring out my belkin
    3. Now when you have your router on your page you need to click Wi-fi Prtotection Setup to bring up the page.
    4. You Need to Find Thing Called Client Device Pin ( You will need to Enter the Pin Number on your Nintendo DSi XL if your using WPA2/WPA and click Enroll and Wait 2 Minutes after that Click the Push connection after 2 minutes and the connection Should Go Through on WPA2/WPA and it should work on your Pokemon black or white

if you don’t know your wpa2/wpa you should be automatically can log in without knowing it since i know most routers will let you to login to leave them blank hopefully this helps with WPA2/WPA