17:59 - Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Error 0x80073cf9 When Installing Or Updating Apps From Windows Store

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On my Windows 8 desktop I keep getting error 0x80073cf9 when I try to install or update an app from the windows store.

In the installings apps pane it just says “This app wasn’t installed — view details” and when I select that it says “Something happened and this app couldn’t be installed. Please try again. Error code: 0x80073cf9″

I am using the built-in windows firewall and antivirus. And my laptop is able to install updates when it is on the same network.

This is what winstore.log shows when I try to update the maps app:

2012-10-18 15:31:47.328, _Info_                WS   [00015160:00011628] ***********************************************************************2012-10-18 15:31:47.328, _Info_                WS   [00015160:00011628] Process name: C:Windowssystem32taskhost.exe2012-10-18 15:31:47.328, _Info_                WS   [00015160:00011628] User name: DesktopUser2012-10-18 15:31:47.328, _Info_                WS   [00015160:00011628] Computer name: desktop2012-10-18 15:31:47.328, _Info_                WS   [00015160:00011628] Windows build: 9200.16424.amd64fre.win8_gdr.120926-18552012-10-18 15:31:47.328, _Info_                WS   [00015160:00011628] Client version: 6152012-10-18 15:31:47.328, _Info_                WS   [00015160:00011428] CWSTileUpdateHandler::Worker: Broker is handling badge updates.2012-10-18 15:31:47.554, _Info_                WS   [00002572:00008200] CProgressDispatcher::OnProgress: AppId = 97a2179c-38be-45a3-933e-0d2dbf14a142, PFN = Microsoft.BingMaps_8wekyb3d8bbwe, InstallPhase = 1, PhasePercent = 0, TotalPercent = 02012-10-18 15:31:47.558, _Warning_             WS   [00002572:00008200] CDownloadProgress::IDownloadCompletedCallback::Invoke: Download complete result 0x80073cf9 for Microsoft.BingMaps_8wekyb3d8bbwe2012-10-18 15:31:47.559, _Error_               WS   [00002572:00008200] CActionItem::_DoDownload: Download failed for 97a2179c-38be-45a3-933e-0d2dbf14a142, hr=0x80073cf92012-10-18 15:31:47.560, _Info_                WS   [00002572:00008200] CActionItem::_DoDownload: Notifying progress handlers of download failure for 97a2179c-38be-45a3-933e-0d2dbf14a142, hr=0x80073cf92012-10-18 15:31:47.560, _Error_               WS   [00002572:00008200] CProgressDispatcher::OnError: PFN = Microsoft.BingMaps_8wekyb3d8bbwe, InstallPhase = 1, hrError = 0x80073cf9

Not sure how it could have happened, but this seems to be a possible solution:

The problem is that the folder AUInstallAgent is missing from the Windows folder.
I had this problem, recreated the folder and low and behold all is working fine.
Now what I want to know is why the folder disappeared in the first place, because I didn’t delete it, and looking around the web I’m not alone….

I tried almost everything to no avail. Then I added a new user (with administration rights) from with in the control panel.

If you go to Users Accounts in the Control Panel, click manage accounts then find the add accounts link. After you have added the account with a different name, hit Ctrl Alt Del, select SIGN OUT, then sign in as the new user, all the app stuff now works, try it out.

All your programs are there, if not on the desktop, you can add a shortcut link on the desktop. The next step is to delete the old and worthless user. Done. You can rename the new user from the control panel.