22:56 - Sunday, 20 April 2014

How Do I Change My Keyboard Layout In Gnome Shell?

#Topics: gnome-shell language settings

I’ve tried going to Region and Language and adding a layout, even making it the default layout, but for some reason I’m stuck with my original layout and I can’t seem to change it. In GNOME 2 and in Unity, there’s a panel applet that allows you to quickly change between keyboard layouts, but there doesn’t seem to be one in Gnome Shell. Does anyone know a way to get that applet in the panel (loading it manually?) or at the very least change the keyboard layout via the terminal?

You’ll find the keyboard layout settings in the region and languages setting panel. Go to the user menu, choose System Settings, then Region and Language, then switch to the Layouts tab.

The layout chooser and keyboard shortcuts (under options) should be pretty familier from the Gnome 2 days. Once there is more than one layout you should get a little switcher applet too.

This worked for me… got to:

System Settings –> Keyboard layout, tab Layouts –> Options…
Key(s) to change layout

Pick any one you like, even multi options work for me…

Don’t try. It is technically possible through the “Regions and Languages” section but weirdly enough, when I added another kayboard layout, the themes got messed up. Then I thought a reboot might help and it would NOT LET ME LOG BACK IN. Luckily enough I could log back into unity, remove the keyboard layout and everything was fine again.

This was tested on Ubuntu 11.04 with the Gnome3 repos.