16:21 - Wednesday, 23 April 2014

How To Reset Fuji Xerox Laser Printer Memory? (laser Printers Comes With Fake Toner Level Warning)

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I’m printer newbie. I have 2 models of Fuji Xerox printer: CP105b and Phaser 3124

When using CP105b for hundreds of printing output, the black toner level warning LED blinking. I refilled it with good toner powder until nearly full, and trying to continue printing. But the LED keeps blinking, even after I power off and on the printer. I just ignored the warning and print as usual.

After about 45 pages printed, a dialog box appeared force me to replace the cartridge, even the cartridge still has lots of toner powder. Apparently this printer model come with fake toner level warning.

Note: Some people told me, HP printers also comes with fake toner level warning. HP printers have memory which remember the cartridge serial number. It can remember only 2 different cartridge serial number.

So in order to reset HP printers memory, just use 3 different cartridge. When we use the third cartridge, the first cartridge serial number has been deleted.

How about Fuji Xerox? How to reset the memory?