15:02 - Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Https Sites Won’t Load

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The other day, I installed some updates (in 12.10) and rebooted after I was prompted. I then found that I could connect to the router, but no websites would load. After several reboots and connecting/disconnecting from the network, I noticed my assigned ip never changed. Thinking that maybe the dhcp lease wasn’t properly being renewed, I ran dhclient in the terminal. After several attempts I was able to get websites to load, although I don’t think my ip ever changed. Then after a while, I noticed some sites would either not load or hang for several minutes before finally loading. The common denominator seemed to be calls to https addresses. After some searching online, I found someone suggesting to set IPV6 to ignore in the network settings. I tried this, reconnected to the network, and to my astonishment all websites were working again. I thought all was now good… Then for a completely unrelated reason, I had to reboot again. I was immediately greeted once more with the dhcp issue. Again, after a few dhclient commands, I was back on the internet. Then I found the https issue was back. Checked network settings, IPV6 was still set as ignore. I tried messing around with this setting again, but I am now unable to get it to work. I have been searching but I have been unable to find a solution to this problem.

As far as the dhcp thing, I think what is happening is the router keeps issuing a new ip but my machine refuses to accept it, then after pulling the ip slot machine lever enough times, the router finally issues the ip address my machine is stuck on and it starts working. No other computers on the network are having any of these issues and it’s the same thing in firefox and chromium. I would like to try and get this figured out before resorting to a reinstall. I would rather it end up being at least a learning opportunity rather than just lost time spent in frustration. Any help is greatly appreciated.

TLDR; Installed updates, rebooted, now dhcp lease doesn’t seem to be renewing properly and https addresses hang. Help.