20:24 - Friday, 18 April 2014

Internet Connection Sharing From PC To Phone Over Bluetooth

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I have already read other questions relating to sharing Internet connection from the Phone to the PC. This as most of us know works out of the box in latest Ubuntu (and for some it just needs to either add an additional package or install a package in the cell). This is not the case here.

What I am looking for is the following:

  1. Internet arrives at the PC via ethernet cable.
  2. PC has Bluetooth and I would like to share the internet via Bluetooth.
  3. Phone should connect to Bluetooth and receive Internet via Bluetooth.

How can I share an Internet connection via Bluetooth from the PC to the Phone. Already tested Blueman and is not working for this.

I am using a Nokia n900 and a Samsung Galaxy S.

I am not sure if there is any good way using native bluetooth app that ships with ubuntu but I am going to use a pretty old app called blueman.

install it using

sudo apt-get install blueman

Now from untity search for blueman and you will get bluetooth manager click on that and you will get window and blueman service will be enabled.

now you can see two bluetooth icons on top panel of unity. one will be native and other will be blueman’s

click on blueman’s icon and click local services.

selecting local services

Now from the window click network. and enable Network Access point, click apply and save it.

enabling network

Now you can access internet using bluetooth of your computer after pairing them and connecting.