21:32 - Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Is There A Second Browser I Can Install On PClinuxOS Gnome?

I can’t seem to find an alternative browser to the default browser “Firefox” that will install on PClinuxOS 10.12 with Gnome desktop.

Does anyone know of a browser that will install on PClinuxOS Gnome, besides Firefox, or a way of installing let’s say Chrome on this Distro?

According to this post (no date available) Chrome is available for your distribution via the Synaptic Package Manager under the name chromium-browser.

Is the package manager available on your system?

You can most likely install the open source version of Chrome on the computer. Seeing that PClinuxOS uses the apt package manager, you can run the following command to install the open source Chromium browser.

sudo apt-get install -y chromium-browser