12:33 - Friday, 18 April 2014

Keep Ubuntu Server Running On A Laptop With The Lid Closed?

I decided to use my eeepc 1001HA as a home server. I have it connected throw wifi to the router, running UbuntuServer12.04. Everything works fine except this annoying problem:

when I close the lid, the ssh server stops working and, I guess, wlan0 too.

Tried the BIOS and nothing, no option about the lid. My wlan0 is a RaLink RT3090.

Tried “ls -lrt /var/log” bettween lid derivatives, but I can’t understand those satanic logs. I can share them if needed.

pm-powersave.log seems to be updated between lid movements. So I guess I’ve to disable this “powersave” service. Can I do this? I don’t mind if the server runs all day.

Remeber that there is no UI, this is a netbook with a lid and its connected to the ac adapter.

edit: This is just a workaround but I am able to click the power-button and close the lid quickly. This way the server boots normally and connects to the wireless network automatically. (found here)

Everything stops working because…the laptop goes to sleep! (suspend mode).

To stop, just disable the ACPI lid-button event.

Edit /etc/acpi/event/lidbtn and comment out the bottom two lines:

  # /etc/acpi/events/lidbtn  # Called when the user closes or opens the lid  event=button[ /]lid  # comment this out with a # at the beginning  action=/etc/acpi/lid.sh # same here 

Reboot, and that should be it.