6:31 - Monday, 21 April 2014

Partition Installation Issues.How To Install Ubuntu On 3TB Drive With Pre-installed Windows 7.

#Topics: load ubuntu 12 04 on to a 3tb drive,windows 7 pre-installed ntfs boot partition

3TB drive partitions:

  1. ntfs (100mb) – reserved by Windows 7
  2. ntfs (70Gb) – system partition for Windows 7
  3. unallocated 100Gb for Ubuntu
  4. ntfs (385Gb) common files -deocs.. etc… as suggested by 1 mil outdated of linux pages
  5. unallocated
  6. unllocated

Partitions 5 and 6 are the rest of the 2.3TB

I have acronis for partitioning…

When I try to install ubuntu 11.10 on partition 3 using LiveCD, the installation just stop there…
error… too many sectors… msdos… ?

Any help will be appreciated.

Huckle wrote this in comments (and this much better than no answer at all!):

MBR can have at most 4 primary partitions. You seem to describe 6 so I
am guessing that primary #4 houses 5 and 6 which are logical
partitions. But generally ‘unallocated’ means not part of a partition
so I’m not sure how you could have two of them in a row (that’d just
be one continuous unallocated region) so I’m going to assume that 5
and 6 unformatted as opposed to unallocated. Acronis is a good
program, but as mentioned it will run into issues with 3 TB drives due
to the age of the MBR system.

Huckle Apr 18 ’12 at 4:33

What you want is to format the drive in the new standard called GUID
Partition Table (GPT for short). Linux and Mac OSX will boot this
natively, Windows needs to be ‘tricked’ into doing it. This is
possible because the GPT structure exists within the MBR structure, so
Windows can continue to think it is on a MBR disk, and all other OSes
are fine with the fact that it is really GPT. There are many good
guides on how to do this, but it is a requirement to use gparted as
Acronis will not align the GPT and MBR records properly.

Huckle Apr 18 ’12 at 4:36

Anyone may of course feel free to expand this, or to post their own answers, further illustrating these principles and techniques.