16:21 - Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Remove Console Tree And Default To Standard In Services Control Panel

The Windows Services control panel by default opens showing the console tree on the left and in extended mode which consumes additional space on the left. In order to view as much information as possible the first thing I do is click the toolbar button to hide the console and click the Standard tab at the bottom and expand the name column. I know I could do this with a macro, but I was wonder if anyone knew of a way to do any of these things automatically, perhaps with a registry change or a command line parameter.

From a command line as administrator take ownership of the services.msc:

takeown /f C:WindowsSystem32en-USservices.msccacls C:WindowsSystem32en-USservices.msc  /G Administrators:F

Start MMC in author mode opening the services.msc file:

start mmc c:WindowsSystem32en-USservices.msc /a

When you are done select Save from the File menu.

This works for all management consoles. just take care to

  1. Use the correct folder (system32/en-us not system32).
  2. Take Ownership.
  3. Launch mmc in /author mode.

I do the same thing you do. You can modify the %SystemRoot%system32services.msc file to open in the view you want, but you’ll need to do that for ever machine you’re opening that file on.

A lightweight alternative would be to use command line equivalents(net or sc), especially if you are just restarting the same services routinely.