18:56 - Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Should I Dual Boot On A Toshiba Satellite C645? ( Win7 Starter / Ubuntu 11.04 )

Although, I don’t like Windows 7 Starter, I have to keep it for some programs that won’t run on Linux.

So, I was wondering if I could dual boot and install Ubuntu 11.04 as my main OS and, if I do so, I will still be able to go back to Windows with the recovery CDs included with the laptop.

I have installed Ubuntu many times alongside Windows.
During install you will be asked:

How to partition your disk?

  • Use whole HDD (this would delete Windows)

  • Side by side – You can choose with a simple handler as to how much space you would like to assign for windows and how much for ubuntu

  • Manual Partitioning – Not for an beginner.

Use option 2 (Side-by-side) and after the install it’ll reboot and the GRUB will give the choice between Ubuntu (default) and Windows.

The option to install Ubuntu via Wubi installer (it installs ubuntu like a windows program inside windows)

  • Cons: It is inferior to a side by side install
    as features like sleep don’t work in
    Wubi. Also it is said Ubuntu is a
    little bit slower when installed as
  • Pros: The advantage of a Wubi install is you
    can delete Ubuntu just like any other
    windows program without messing up
    the MBR(Master Boot Record). If you install Ubuntu side by
    side and then decide to delete
    Ubuntu, it is much more complicated
    to recover the windows MBR.