17:27 - Thursday, 17 April 2014

What’s The Reward For Killing Alira, Oak, And Kraityn?

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So now that I’ve made it into Act 2, I’ve been given a quest to kill three bandit leaders, Alira, Oak, and Kraityn.

I’ve just managed to make it to Alira, who has presented me with a conundrum: if I help her, she’ll give me +40 Mana. Oak gives +40 Life. Whereas I have absolutely no idea what the old man will give me for killing all three.

Is the reward for slaying all three bandit leaders worth as much as this pretty significant jump in Mana?

Regardless of difficulty, if you kill all three bandits, you will receive one passive point.

Normal Difficulty

Alira – Permanent increase of 30 Mana
Oak – Permanent increase of 40 Health
Kraityn – Permanent increase of 8% to all elemental resistances

Cruel Difficulty

Alira – Permanent increase of 12% to physical damage
Oak – Permanent increase of 4% cast speed
Kraityn – Permanent increase of 4% to attack speed

Merciless Difficulty

Alira – Permanent increase of maximum power charge by one
Oak – Permanent increase of maximum endurance charge by one
Kraityn – Permanent increase of maximum frenzy charge by one


If you kill all three of them, you will be rewarded with a passive skill point.