4:14 - Monday, 21 April 2014

What Do You Think Of The Future Of Java ME?

With the rise of smartphones, Java ME is out of fashion for application developers. This is not surprising given the higher quality programming languages and APIs being offered. Yet it still remains the most widely available platform. What do you believe will happen to the platform in the future? If you think it is declining, how long do you think it will take? If you think Oracle will be able to bolster the platform, how do you think that they will do this? How should they do this?


Java ME has to evolve or die. Today’s smartphones will be tomorrows mass-market devices. There are already people making Android phones in the “feature-phone” price-range. Essentially, Java ME has to transform into something much more like Java SE to remain relevant in tomorrow’s mobile phones.

The Android API is actually a great example of what Java ME needs to transform into. It has a big chunk of the Java SE APIs with a custom UI API that takes into account the limited input methods and screen resolution of mobile devices.

Android is eating Java ME’s lunch, effectively replacing it.